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Dissertation or Thesis Literature Review Services

literature review helpOur team can provide you help with Literature Review of your research project. Literature review indicates a systematic evaluation and presentation of current knowledge on specific topic. This evaluation is done with the help of various researches and findings done by other authors by following critical approach. Literature review shows the critical reflection on specific topic in terms of presenting supportive and obstructive arguments related to the research theme. It is a systematic way of presenting critical reflection rather than chronological catalog of the resources (Fink 2009). In the literature review, it is essential to provide a description of supportive and obstructive arguments given by different authors on the same subject or problem. It refers an effective or reflective evaluation of the related subject rather than collecting quotes and rewording of other sources (Hart 2006).


Literature review is an important part of any study or research to provide effective support to resolve a problem and the produced result of the study. There are various reasons for conducting or including literature review in the study. These reasons are as follow:

To provide Justification: To provide justification of the knowledge on particular topic included the reasons of organizing literature review. Additionally, it also provides justification through written statement by using different perceptions of several authors (Taylor). It also helps to find the gap among the produce and expected results on the relevant subject.

To show the knowledge Criteria: Literature review shows the knowledge of the writer on that particular topic in terms of developing better understanding about the relevant subject or topic (Fink 2009).

To show critical reflection: To show the critical reflection on the topic, literature review is an essential part of the study. In this, contrary perceptions are used to produce the result of the study that shows the critical reflection on the relevant topic (Hart 2006).

To fill gap between theoretical and practical framework: To fill the gap between theoretical and practical framework, literature review is required. Literature review helps in minimizing the gap between theoretical and practical framework by using critical reflection and provide supportive and suitable result (Taylor).

To develop information seeking ability: For developing information seeking ability, literature review is an important part of the study. It develops the skills and ability to seek relevant information on the particular topic (Fink 2009).

So, above point indicates to requirement of literature review for the research or any study.

In the literature review, a systematic way is followed by the writer to generate effective and efficient results. In this mainly five steps can be used, which are as followed (Doing a literature review). These steps are as follow:

Locate Models: In this step, different literatures are recognized to select appropriate theme for the literature review. With the help of those literatures, ideas or theme is selected to generate the result of the study.

Problem Expression: In this step, particular problem is identified and selected by the writer to follow a base as a statement. This statement is argued in the literature review from various points (Doing a literature review).

Literature Search: In this step, articles and authors are identified those have interest in the same area. In this, authors those supports to the statement and those against the statement are identified for organizing literature review successfully. It will help to developed critical thinking by producing contradictory situation on a particular statement (Taylor).

Evaluation of findings: Under this step, understanding of the study in terms of positive and negative sense is developed by the writer from interpreting various readings. In this step, reading and re-readings are used by the researcher or writer to develop better understanding and ideas towards the statement of literature review (Doing a literature review).

Analysis and Interpretation of literature: It is the last step of literature review. In this step, through analyzing the works those are done previously by various authors, a better understanding for attaining the objective of literature review is developed. In this step for doing the work at same topic from different point of view, interpretations are developed by the writers (Hart 2006).

These steps are followed by the writer under the process of literature review.
Database and Sources

In order to find the references, authentic and reliable information, etc., researcher uses authentic databases. Concern with this, EBSCO-Host, Emerald, Science-Direct and J-STOR can be used as database to collect information for the literature review.

In order to collect the information and find references, various sources can be used. These sources provide reliable information. In this, books, journals, article, web-sites, etc. can be used as sources (Hart 2006).

Reference Methods
There are various kinds of standard referencing methods those are followed in the literature review. These are as follow:

APA Method: APA method is mainly focused by the writers for referencing. In APA referencing method, page number is added in the header of the page in the right side with project title (Fink 2009).

Harvard Method: Harvard method is also used by writer for referencing in literature review. In this, only page number is added in the header in right side of the page (Hart 2006).
Apart from this, some other referencing methods are oxford, Chicago, MLA, etc.

Please email us on info@dissertationhelpservice.com to know more about our services. We would happy to answer your queries


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