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Quality Dissertation Research Methodology Help

When writing a dissertation, selecting right research methodology is very important to achieve research objectives. Research Methodology is a system of methods that follows various principles, strategies, approaches, methods and designs. A lot of theories, approaches, data collection methods etc. come under the category of research Methodology (Goddard and Melville, 2004). Our team can help students in research methodology section of their research.
Our team used following steps are used in design of research methodology for a particular question.
Research Methods
Research method is a way of conducting the research. It is decided on the basis of research question. There are two types of research methods that are qualitative and quantitative and both are related to the research topic. When the research topic is related to numeric, volume, numbers or financial topic, Quantitative method is devised and this method is useful in explanation and evaluation. In qualitative method, data is collected through observation, interview, and survey. When research topic requires explanation and non numerical explanation, qualitative research method is devised.
Research approach
Research approach refers to the way in which research is conducted. Two type of research approach are used in the research methodologies that are Inductive and deductive approach (Engel and Schutt, 2005). It is also decided on the basis of research question. Inductive approach is devised in case when the topic demand flow from specific to general. Similarly, deductive approach is devised at the time flow needed from general to specific.
Research design
Explanatory, scientific, historical, expository and descriptive research designs are used in Content Page Research Methodology Help Service Dissertationhelpservice.com
research methodology (Goddard and Melville, 2004). All research designs based on the research question. According to the research question researcher applies the research design. For example, if question requires explanation, then explanatory research is devised, if question is based on scientific methods and requires experimental and scientific question needs scientific research.
Research philosophy
Research philosophy is important part of research methodology because it is helpful for identifying the suitable research design. Its research design is decided on the basis of research aims and objectives. There are three research philosophies that are Positivism, interpretivism and Criticism. If the research aim is to examine social reality, positivism research philosophy is devised. If the research aim is to understand the diversity of people, interpretivism is devised (Gratton and Jones, 2010). If the research aim is to understand actual facts, pragmatism research philosophy is devised (Baert, 2005).
Research strategy
Research strategy is the orientation that decides the manner of carrying out the research. According to the research objective, researchers decide to use particular research strategy. If the research objective is to use one case, then the researcher devises case study strategy. If the research objective is to use more than one case study, the researcher devises multiple case studies. Research strategy is also helpful to provide a right way of research and control the cost of the research (Engel and Schutt, 2005).
Data collection method
It is the method of gathering data relevant to achieve aims and objectives. A lot of methods are used in data collection like survey, interview, questionnaire, telephonic, company report, people, internet, news paper etc. (Goddard and Melville, 2004). According to research
Content Page Research Methodology Help Service Dissertationhelpservice.com question and research objective data collection method is determined. For example, a research question based on qualitative method, then survey or face to face interview is devised. If the research objective is to formulate only secondary research, then annual reports, censuses, articles, books etc are used. If the research objective is to collect first hand data, then the researcher devices questionnaire, survey, interviews and observations.
Please email us on info@dissertationhelpservice.com and send all your requirements in details.
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