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Writing a Research Proposal Services

Research Proposal is simply a guideline to help the researcher on the topic of your research or thesis. It is a brief description of the topic selected, research objectives, and methodology of achieving those objectives(Babbie 2010). In other words, writing a research proposal is nothing but basically to give an overview of the research that helps researchers to point out the areas of research and take necessary approvals. It is a guideline that guides the researcher throughout the research. It is a systematic and well arranged way of presenting the elements of research paper. Research proposal signifies the study of the research and present insight glance of the research (Pereira & Caroline 2010, p. 147).

Research Proposal Significance

dissertation research proposal helpA research proposal is an important part of a research paper. The research proposal is the comprehensive description of the research paper. It is developed to focus on the research aims and objective. It is made in order to provide overview of the whole research (Money & Remenyi 2004). Research Proposal is developed in order to get approval for the research to be conducted. It is important for pre strategic planning for different areas of research. It is made to analyze the different tools and techniques to be used for the research. According to Money & Remenyi (2004) research proposal determines what methodology would be used for a research and what would be the prior requirements of the research. Apart from this, research proposal also assist in determining the success of a research.

Research proposal formats may vary from each other depending on the factors like magnitude of proposed research and complexity of the procedure. The size of the research proposal should be concise and in continuation that should include all aspects of a research paper (McNiff & Whitehead 2009).

Format and Elements of a Research Proposal

A sample research proposal usually consists of following elements though these may vary a bit as per the research paper requirements

Introduction: In introduction section, a brief description about the need for the study is discussed along with the significance of the result that will be derived through research. Problem statement, its significance and the research question is the important part of introduction of a research (Blaikie 2009). It will also include brief definition of the terms of reference.

Literature Review: Literature review provides understanding of relevant bodies of literature. According to McNiff & Whitehead (2009) literature review is the central theme of the research. The section will include the critical analysis of reviewed material.

Conceptual framework: This section provides researchers own perspective regarding the research. It includes discussion of researchers perspective of using a particular hypothesis or research methodology.

Hypothesis: This section includes clear statement of research hypothesis. An explanation of testing the hypothesis is also included in this section.

Research Methodology: Research methodology includes the type of research design and research approach. This section would include the different methods that can be used for collecting and analyzing data. The reliability, validity and limitation of selected research methods are also discussed in this section (Burton & Steane 2004).

Ethical consideration and Research limitation: This section will discuss the ethical consideration regarding the research and also discuss the limitation of the research paper. Every research paper is having certain limitations.

Research Budget: It will include the discussion of the overall budget of the research that will be conducted. Proper allocation of budget in different areas of research will be discussed in this section. According to Burton & Steane (2004) the distribution of budget on different research areas depending upon their importance to the research is crucial for the research.

Conclusion: This section will conclude the overall discussion of the research proposal. The conclusion will include the brief summary of the research proposal.

Samples and Examples of a Research Proposal

Our team has experiences of helping students with more than 4000 research proposals over the years. Some of the samples and examples of research proposal are provided here on the below links for your reference.Purpose of providing these research proposal examples is to give you a first hand information on how to write a proposal. Be very careful and ensure that you do not copy anything from these examples.
  1. Sample Reserch Proposal 1
  2. Sample Research Proposal 2
  3. Example Research Proposal 3
  4. Example Research Proposal 4
Kindly note that if you need any help with writing a research proposal; you can always consult with our experts. Just email us to info@dissertationhelpservice.com for that.
Research Proposal Functions

A research proposal is critical for the success of a research project as it plays several functions that are as follows:

Communication: A research proposal communicates a researchers intention to the persons that will approve the research (Punch 2006). It communicates the idea of researcher and its benefits to others and as well as society.

Plan: It is one of important function. A research proposal provides a planning framework to a research for conducting the research. It assists in developing an appropriate structure to conduct a research.

Contract: In research funding context, an approved proposal acts as a contract between the researchers and the funding body (Punch 2006).

Research Proposal database and Sources

There are different books and database that can be used to find references and know more about research proposal. Different research related books are there in libraries and as well as on internet that can be used to collect information and develop a research proposal. As well, there are also several articles that are written on research proposal. "Research Methods in Education" by Wiersma William and "Design Your First Research Proposal" by R. Vithal and J. Jansen are some of relevant books that can be useful for getting relevant information about the research proposal. Apart from this, one can use database like Emerald insight, business source and oxford journals etc to get relevant information regarding research proposal.

Proposal Expectation

A research proposal needs to fulfill several expectations among which some are unavoidable like a research proposal should always carry out sufficient information regarding the research to be conducted (Sant 2003). The proposal should be thorough and should address all the necessary elements of the research proposal. A research proposal should clearly discuss the aims of conducting a research. It should clearly define the ways to conduct a research (Davey 2007). The proposal should be systematic enough to provide a sense to the reader. The proposal should be such that, anyone can understand it easily.

At Dissertation Help Point, our team would be happy to help you in making a sound research proposal. A good research proposal is the strong foundation for a good research. Please email us on info@dissertationhelpservice.com to know further about services and to get all possible help with your research.


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