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Dissertation Topic Help for All Education Subjects

Suitable topic for a research paper is very important to get your research project or dissertation right. Firstly one shall choose his expertise area in which one is pursuing his/her current academic degree or the one in which one wants to pursue his/her career. Further, one shall explore several research topic ideas in the chosen field. You can come across several good research paper topics for a research if you browse through latest magazines and journal paper in your area of expertise.

You can research upon some gap in academic theory; or apply some academic concept to the real world context and see how well it fits, or you can identify some practical problem and do your research project on that. Once a research topic is finalized, you should start working on the research proposal related to that topic.

Some research project topics are as followed.

  • (1) To examine the impact of customer retention strategies on consumer complaint behavior in UK: in context of Arcadia Group
  • (2) To analyze the impact of mass customization on the success of global organizations: in context of Nike
  • (3) To determine the effectiveness of employee leasing for the organizations in the current competitive environment
  • (4) To study the relationship between corporate community involvement and employee performance/outcomes
  • (5) To explore the significance of family friendly practices to attract the female employees
  • (6) To study the effectiveness of manager's emotional moves on employee behaviour
  • (7) To investigate the power of employer branding to attract skilled and new candidates
  • (8) To determine the significance of e-training facilities to increase employee performance and reduce organizational costs
  • (9) Is the continuous supervision is an effective way to improve performance of the employees: in case of small manufacturing
  • (10) The influence of leadership an exploration of leadership style as a factor impacting on organization success
  • (11) To examine the role of distribution channels in attaining success in the international market: A case of Coca-Cola
  • (12) To examine the role of CRM (customer relationship Management) in marketing to increase customer base and customer loyalty: a case of Tesco
  • (13) Effect of different characteristics that leads to mergers and acquisitions
  • (14) Factors effecting leverage in textile industry of (country name)
  • (15) Effects of liquidity crisis on bank's profitability
  • (16) The Distribution Policies of FTSE 100 Companies and their Determinants
  • (17) The Relationship between Capital Structure and Performance in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • (18) Creative Accounting and International Accounting Standards: Judgment Estimation and Prediction in Creative Accounting
  • (19) Corporate Annual Disclosure in Developing Countries: A Case Study of India
  • (20) The Relationship between Directors Pay and Corporate Performance
  • (21) The relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade: a Case Study of Fujian Province of China
  • (22) Identify the current trends in labor wages and employee turnover in manufacturing industry in UK
  • (23) Explore the relationship between Succession planning and Employee retention in an organization
  • (24) To compare the impact of formal and informal training programs on employees' potential performance
  • (25) How the participation decision making influence job satisfaction among employees
  • (26) How the process of wage determination helps to achieve the organizational goals
  • (27) Corporate Governance: Past, Present and Future: An Investigative Approach
  • (28) Effectiveness of Corporate Governance and Risk Management in Southwark Local Government Council
  • (29) Dividend Policy and Firm's Performance
  • (30) Corporate Governance and Micro Finance Banks in Nigeria

You can use above topics for research paper as a guideline to begin with and identify a suitable research topic for your dissertation. Most of these are business research topics. If you need any advise with topics for a research paper in any field; you can write to us for a free consultation to our email id info@dissertationhelpservice.com